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Day Tours
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Half-Day Panama City And Canal (PP01)
One-Day Rainforest / Indian Village (PP02)
Overnight Embera Indian Village (PP02a)
      Number of Nights:
Half-Day Canal Partial Transit (PP03)
Full-Day Canal Full Transit (PP04)
Half-Day Gamboa Tram & Exhibits (PP05)
Half-Day Radio Stn & Monkey Island (PP06)
Room for one more day tour.
One-Day Pipeline Birdwatching (PP07)
Half-Day Monkey Island Boat Trip (PP06a)
One-Day Barro Colorado (PP08)
Half Or Full-Day Gatun Lake Fishing (PP09)
One-Day Portobelo (PP10)
One-Day Colon, Fort San Lorenzo (PP11)
One-Day El Valle Highlands (PP12)
San Blas Overnight Experience (PP13)
      Number of Nights:
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