Our tailor-made travel arrangements give you the flexibility and ease of traveling on your own, with a partner, or with a group of friends and family, but without a lot of connection nightmares. You travel on the dates you choose, while we help to coordinate everything for you. So, whether you want a wildlife & nature tour, a surfing trip, a retirement location search, or just a get-away-from-it-all holiday, we will arrange a custom tour to meet your needs.

How it works:
There are generally three situations, and our Tour Booking or Request a Quote forms allow you to custom-order your travel arrangements accordingly:
1.) “Make all the arrangements for me!” You have no idea where you want to go because you don’t want to go through the guide books to study all the different locations, but you know you would like to come to Panama because someone somewhere told you this is a beautiful country. In that case, we just need to know when you are arriving and departing, we will design a holiday for you. You may also tell us about your interests, swimming, snorkeling, birding or hiking etc. Please use our Request a Quote form.
2.) “I want to go here and here, but I want you to make the arrangements.” You have some ideas of where to go, you may tell us the number of nights you will be in Panama, for example: you may decide to stay two nights in Panama City and then two nights in San Blas, three nights in the Chiriqui Highlands and two nights in Bocas Del Toro, etc. We will then check to see what is the best connection for you during the dates you are here and make hotel and transportation arrangements, based on your preferences, for example, car rental or domestic flight or bus. We can also make tour bookings for you in each location or recommend where to go. We can arrange special guides, which could be birding guides, if your interest is birding, or a local guide who knows about different real estate opportunities if you are interested in locating a place to live. Please use our Request a Quote form.
3.) “This is where I want to go and where I want to stay.” You are planning your own holiday and you have a list of hotels and locations to go to but you just require us to check through your itinerary to ensure it is doable and also to make the various reservations that you have chosen. Please use our Tour Booking form.

Options 1 & 2. We book and design everything for you using our recommended hotels and tours. We charge you based on the total package. We include all taxes/services and prepay everything so there are no surprises when you get here. You also receive help from us while you are in country should any unforseeable events occur. If you have lost luggage or a missed connection, we are here to help straighten things out.
Option 3. You are planning your own holiday, you have a list of hotels and locations and you want your itinerary checked over and all reservations made. We will charge you a service fee of $30.
SHORE EXCURSIONS for cruise ship passengers who want a private and personalized tour, so they can enjoy the best of Panama without joining a large group.

INCENTIVE TOURS to reward and inspire deserving individuals who made outstanding contributions and achievements for their organization.

RETIREMENT TOURS for people who are considering moving to Panama and who may be seeking information on anything from shopping to property hunting or even veterinary clinic

FAMILY REUNIONS to renew and build better relationships with your family, relatives and friends in Panama.

SOCCER MATCH holiday the US vsPanamanian school soccer teams. The experience will have a lasting and positive influence on the young participants, helping to instill a sense of independence and pride in themselves.

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