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Sailing Charter in San Blas:   (Click here for our San Blas boat charter information page.)
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Sailing Charter Information:
Depending on the season, there is a three or four day minimum for boat charters.
Daily flights to San Blas leave Panama City at 6:00am Weekdays and 7:00am Weekends.
It is necessary to stay in Panama City the night before your flight.
Do not arrange to leave San Blas the same day you expect to catch an International flight—long delays are possible.

Locations I Want To Visit:
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My interests are: indian culture | history | swimming | surfing | snorkel/scuba | climbing
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Day Tours
Please check the tours you want included in your quote (click here for descriptions and prices.):
Half-Day Panama City And Canal (PP01)
One-Day Rainforest / Indian Village (PP02)
Overnight Embera Indian Village (PP02a)
      Number of Nights:
Half-Day Canal Partial Transit (PP03)
Full-Day Canal Full Transit (PP04)
Half-Day Gamboa Tram & Exhibits (PP05)
Half-Day Radio Stn & Monkey Island (PP06)
Room for one more day tour.
One-Day Pipeline Birdwatching (PP07)
Half-Day Monkey Island Boat Trip (PP06a)
One-Day Barro Colorado (PP08)
Half Or Full-Day Gatun Lake Fishing (PP09)
One-Day Portobelo (PP10)
One-Day Colon, Fort San Lorenzo (PP11)
One-Day El Valle Highlands (PP12)
San Blas Overnight Experience (PP13)
      Number of Nights:
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